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I have some presents for you, the people

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When you write a craft book, you actually make all of those projects. If you’re me, your book had over 35 projects in it and when the book has done-been-written, you put all the projects in a nice box and put them on the shelf for a long time. Then, if you’re still me, you fret about what to do with all of them for even longer after that.

Today, I decided that I want YOU to have them. For real.

So, I have 19 felted goodies to give away, free gratis. Some big, some small, some sculptures, some jewelry, some toys, all of them made for “I Felt Awesome” by my two little hands.

How to get your hands on them:

Enter your name to win by leaving a comment below – tell me about your favorite needle felted creation, whether you made it yourself or saw it in a gallery or even online. If you’ve seen or read the book, tell me your favorite project… if you get picked, it’s possible you’ll get to have that very thing as your prize (no promises, but it’s possible).

I’ll draw 19 random winners on Monday, May 6th at 11am PST. (Sorry, but due to the cost of postage, I’ve got to limit this to folks in the US.) One entry per person, ok?

Ready? GO!

UPDATE: 11am PST –  Comments are now closed. Calculating winners now, more info soon! Thanks everyone.

UPDATE 2: 11:21am PST – Random numbers have been generated! Everybody sit tight, I’ll be in touch.

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  1. Diana Said,

    omg without sounding like a total weirdo I hope I win! I love your work, I’ve been following you for years!
    Thank goodness for the internet, eh? Without it that last sentence would sound quite odd.

  2. Melissa Jenkins Said,

    Favorite needle felted thing of all time? This: http://www.flickr.com/photos/moxie_/3122113640/ needle felted resistor.

    Favorite project from the book? Mr. Faux Potato Head

    Favorite person, in the entire world, ever? Moxie!

    Love you!

  3. Andy Arkley Said,

    Yes please!

    My favorite piece of yours was your installation in the Bellevue Art Museum.

  4. Kate McGrath Said,

    I love your monster guys! My favorite personal item is a flower I put on a hair clip for my niece.

  5. Stephanie Said,

    I am working on my first felted wool project- it’s a twelve panel collection of florals on black- I’m going to make a pillow panel out of them!

  6. Mickie Said,

    Favorite felted piece: Melissa’s squid/octopus/phallic thing.

  7. Hannah Said,

    Ooh, excitement plus! Fave felt find: a little camera made by Kukubee (I think). Ironically, I only ever saw the pic of said camera. Your art unleashes the kitten within: I want to play with those puppets and name them after feelings and personality traits and cute little voices. Were I to win a piece of moxie feltitude, our two cats would fight me for it so you can rest assured it’d have pride of place in our home. And you could even have visiting rights as we’re local. 😉

  8. Elissa H. Said,

    The monster eating the arm, delightful and strange, stunning needle felt sculpting.

  9. RobynE Said,

    I love the frosted animal crackers! But I also love the huge Playskool dog. :)
    I adore the bobble head bunny from the book.

  10. Mia Said,

    It’s really hard to choose what my favorite thing I have seen is. All of your work is amazing and I’ve met some great people at conventions who make incredible (and gigantic!) pieces that boggle my brain. My favorite thing that I have made is my Madame Leota (who is the floating medium during the seance scene in the Haunted Mansion: http://disney.wikia.com/wiki/Madame_Leota) because I remember seeing the clear glass ornaments and the lightbulb going off in my head. She’s my favorite to make because most people aren’t familiar with her and so they just pass by but when someone sees it they know it instantly and get very excited and we have a moment of nerd bonding. Plus, it’s a bit of a challenge to make such a small piece with details but also have to cram it inside the narrow neck of the ornament — and then get her hair swirling just right. It’s a fun challenge! http://www.flickr.com/photos/giddygirlie/3432839713/

  11. Liz Said,

    I have to pick just one? The Bobblehead BFF would be my BFF. But if I had a big red You Are Here, I’d really know I’d found myself, you know?

  12. Ann Said,

    My favorites are the carrots,I bought your kit. Love love love them! Had lots of fun making them.You are such an inspiration to me ! Thank you for being you.

  13. Jordyn Said,

    My favorite felted thing I’ve ever encountered was the cutest needle-felted red panda. 😀

  14. Rosalie Gale Said,

    My favorite needle felted creation is, has been and always will be – that monster guy on your postcard. This one: http://www.flickr.com/photos/moxie_/5168185122/in/set-72157625322328188 and really – anything at all from your hungry collection makes me weep with needle felting hysteria.

    My favorite thing from your book – aside from your hilariousness – is the Ennui sign. Coming in tied for second are the Sheep of the Dead Finger Puppet, the Cup-A-Joe, and the Quit Your Squalkin’ guy.


  15. Shana Said,

    It’s great that you’ve found an exciting way to disperse the work, to folks who really admire and appreciate it. I’d only been needle-felting a little while when I came across your CNN feature and my thought was “EFF yes!!, I’m finally doing what the cool kids do!”

    My favorite Moxie piece(s) are the Plush You, 2011 e-textiles. Switches! I’m also completely smitten with Stephanie Metz’s Amorphozoa series.. holy moly.

  16. Jennevieve Said,

    Hey Moxie! My favorite felt piece is the first teeny tiny felt octopus I made from your kit after running into you at a conference where you were doing demos. Now I am a dedicated felter!

  17. Mary Said,

    I am in love with this! https://www.etsy.com/listing/113327616/needle-felted-owl-ornament-knitting?ref=shop_home_active

  18. Karen in Sleepy Hollow Said,

    This is very generous of you! I can’t resist taking a chance at getting one of your originals!

    The best thing I ever did myself was a Chewie finger puppet. All those years ago when I first found your finger puppet tutorial and you infected me with the needle-felting bug.

    My favorite thing in the book which I keep promising myself I’ll make? Hands Off My Monies Wallet.

    Your pieces are amazing so it’s hard to pick a favorite. Maybe I can narrow it down to the monsters with the doll parts. I do have one of your finger puppets, he’s holding a Popsicle.

    Hi Five!

  19. Rachel Hobson Said,

    You needle felted control panel installation made my heart flutter like crazy! And I also love that needle felted ant farm. And the casette tape in the box. And pretty much anything you’ve ever made. Oh! And I’ve always adored Kit’s needle felted Jabba the Hutt. :)

    My favorite personally-felted thing was Jupiter from my solar system mobile. It was a total fluke that I was able to get all the wool to come together to form the bands and massive red storm so nicely!

    From the book: I love the Tilt a Wall sculpture and the wiener plant (WIENER!) and the medic alert bracelet and bobble head BFF. And too many more.


  20. Pamela Hathaway Said,

    The little lovenolove critters on vol. 1 album design & posters will always be closest to my heart, but pretty much every thing you make is an adorable doozie!

  21. Erica Said,

    My favorite needle felting creation I have made myself is a small fox I like to call Leonard: http://www.flickr.com/photos/ericafustero/8102859884
    As for my favorite piece from the book, Bobblehead!

  22. Kelly M. Latta/Cook Said,

    I love love love all of your little monsters! 😀 Yay! They make me squee!

  23. pam harris Said,

    My favorite needle felted creation is the sweet little Dala horse I am working on right now! So far I have the body – no head yet!!!

    I would be happy with any creature made by your hand!