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Fiber Exit

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It’s taken a while to get the courage to make this change. I love Hi-Fiber and the separation anxiety has kept me from making hard decisions. I can’t avoid it any longer, so here I am, letting you know: after many years of being your friendly neighborhood fiber pusher, I’ve decided to close up shop.


Although the shop has been a well-loved fiber resource, it has been an intensely-neglected business for longer than I care to admit. At long last I’ve decided to focus entirely on the other aspects of my artistic life… making, showing, teaching, tinkering, etc. (I will continue to wholesale, though. See the P.S. for details)

Needles Needles Needles

I still have quite a bit of wool and needles in stock, but when it’s gone, it’s gone. I’m offering you a coupon because I want this wool to become yours as quickly as possible. Also, I like you a lot.

The coupon code is BYEBYELOVEYOU. Use it here to get 10% off all orders of 3oz or more.
(Here’s info on how to use Etsy coupon codes – https://www.etsy.com/help/article/350)

The good news is that the free tutorials on this site will stay right where they are, and they will always be free. I told you, I like you… A LOT.

Together Forever

It’s been a treat to spread the fiber all over the world, see your creations, hear your feedback. Let’s always be friends, ok? Here’s a nifty place to find all of my social media links for your clicking pleasure: http://about.me/moxie.

Much love,


P.S. Drop me a line if you are ever interested in wholesale/large orders of Corriedale or Merino, I’m happy to take on the role of your mega-fiber conduit. (Minimum order – 2 lb per color.)


I have some presents for you, the people

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When you write a craft book, you actually make all of those projects. If you’re me, your book had over 35 projects in it and when the book has done-been-written, you put all the projects in a nice box and put them on the shelf for a long time. Then, if you’re still me, you fret about what to do with all of them for even longer after that.

Today, I decided that I want YOU to have them. For real.

So, I have 19 felted goodies to give away, free gratis. Some big, some small, some sculptures, some jewelry, some toys, all of them made for “I Felt Awesome” by my two little hands.

How to get your hands on them:

Enter your name to win by leaving a comment below – tell me about your favorite needle felted creation, whether you made it yourself or saw it in a gallery or even online. If you’ve seen or read the book, tell me your favorite project… if you get picked, it’s possible you’ll get to have that very thing as your prize (no promises, but it’s possible).

I’ll draw 19 random winners on Monday, May 6th at 11am PST. (Sorry, but due to the cost of postage, I’ve got to limit this to folks in the US.) One entry per person, ok?

Ready? GO!

UPDATE: 11am PST –  Comments are now closed. Calculating winners now, more info soon! Thanks everyone.

UPDATE 2: 11:21am PST – Random numbers have been generated! Everybody sit tight, I’ll be in touch.

24 10 2 11 14 9 20 8 18 6 12 27 3 21 23 1 5 29 19




Here’s a super fun project I did with my hero and undeniable super genius Becky Stern and the wonderful folks at Craft & Make. Send me pictures of the ones you make, ok?


Seattle: Art Show Opening

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I’ve created a series of new pieces for my very first solo show and they’re almost ready to see you. Please join me this Friday to celebrate their debut.

Opening Reception
Friday, November 12
5:30pm – 8:00pm
Schmancy Gallery
1932 Second Avenue
Seattle, WA

(Remaining pieces will be for sale online shortly after the opening weekend.)


Plush You! 2010

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Plush You! opens for the sixth year at Schmancy, Nancy and Fancy in downtown Seattle.

The annual exhibit features over 100 plush artists from around the globe. Opening reception is this Friday, October 8th 2010 from 5PM to 9PM and the show runs ’till November 11th.

If you come out for the opening, I’ll be the way elbowing you out of the way to purchase my favorite pieces. Be warned and bring money!


Listen up: Stitching n Junk

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Mr X Stitch (aka Jamie Chalmers) and Beefranck (aka Bridget Franckowiack) were kind enough to spend some time giggling with me on Skype. Now it’s a bona fide episode of their entertaining and inspirational pod cast, Stitching n Junk.

(photo by beefranck)

You’re gonna want to listen to all the back episodes too. I always laugh and get inspired by these two, and they pick fascinating people to interview. At least I thought they had good taste… until they asked me.

We talked about art and capitalism and anxiety and magic. Listen in here. (I’m told it’s a two-parter!)



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I’m not quite done yet, but the Hi-Fiber kit evolution is well under way. The on-site web store is chock-full of fiber and kits and I’m adding more supplies in the next few days.

The biggest-coolest-bestest news is:

I’ve made all of my kit instructions free for the people.

I have so many juicy plans for new projects for the coming months too… I can’t wait to share ’em with you.

Do let me know how you like the newness, and if there are any ideas you have to help me make things even better.